Hello from all of us at Pie in the Sky Bakery!

Let’s connect for a minute about coronavirus as it continues to impact our community, our vendors, our suppliers, our customers, and our employees.

As a food manufacturer, the well-being and safety of the chain of people involved in our business from farm and agricultural supply to distribution and purchasing; our employees and business partners and distribution warehouses; to every restaurant, grocery store, and point of purchase: is our top priority and will always be the heart of our decision making.

We are dedicated to pro-active and active adjustments to the way we live and work in food manufacturing during a worldwide pandemic. We are keeping up to every update on preventative practices and preparedness plan as recommended by the CDC, FDA, OSHA, CDPHE, and CDLE. We are committed to making a safe workplace that prepares food safe and delicious ready-to-eat products for mass distribution across the United States.

Our production facility has an increased disinfection and sanitation policy in place being closely monitored. Every employee has received retraining on handwashing and glove policy so repeatedly they are all leaders of these policies themselves. We have clearly outlined resources and what to do for sick leave to keep sick employee’s home and out of the workplace. We also screen our employees upon their entrance and exit from their shift.

Our partners in distribution warehouses that carry our product are also heightening their daily cleaning to maintain a safe environment. Our business partners such as ingredient suppliers, delivery services, pest control, chemical and uniform providers, have also changed their practices to maintain safety in all regards.


Although there is much uncertainty as we continue in this new situation, we are comforted in the incredible responsibility demonstrated in our community to each other. We need each other. We listen, we learn, and we support each other. I am very proud of the Pie in the Sky team’s efforts to always be there for each other, looking out for our consumers. Thank you for your loyalty, passion, and awareness; we will take it each day at a time.

Tyffany Price
Director of Operations
Pie in the Sky LLC
Pie in the Sky and Boulder Dough