Our Story

Welcome to Pie in the Sky and Boulder Dough;
gluten free baking at its finest and most elevated.


We're always dreaming up ways to make gluten free more delicious as we imagine something better and shoot for the moon to make it the best. With our Pie in the Sky brand, you'll taste desserts that will make your heart sing and mouth water with our timeless recipes. Boulder Dough will take you to the blue skies of Boulder, Colorado where taste and happiness go hand-in-hand, making thin crust pizza that is undeniably the best.


It's our company principle to use nothing but the best ingredients to make food with clean labels and no preservatives. Though the company formed around a specialization of gluten free desserts, it is always important to serve anyone, gluten free or otherwise, a truly remarkable product that would make any food lover's heart palpitate. Maybe it's the altitude, but we think we're onto something.