David is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, which well prepared him for later becoming a food business entrepreneur.

After a long, successful career as a realtor, David moved to Boulder, Colorado at the suggestion of a close friend who knew he’d love the healthy, outdoors-focused lifestyle.

It was in Boulder that David created a thriving business centered on the healthy, tasty smoothies he had begun preparing for himself and his friends.

In 2006, David and his wife switched to a gluten free diet after being diagnosed with gluten intolerance. They soon discovered they felt better without gluten in their diet but still missed some of their favorite foods that were not available gluten free. As an entrepreneur, David quickly saw a new business opportunity. 



A Miami native who grew up loving Key Lime Pie and its tasty (gluten based) crust, David also loved great cheesecakes.  He looked around and found none of these products available without gluten in the crust.  And so, Key Lime Pie and Cheesecake were the first products David created for Pie In The Sky Bakery.

In 2014, David spent a good part of a year creating another set of healthy food items.  The Frittata line was launched in early 2015 to satisfy the needs of the growing Paleo/Gluten Free eaters (and everyone who enjoys healthful, easy-to-eat foods). 

And, in 2015, he finally perfected a line of biscotti style grahams – cookies shaped like biscotti, just as dunk-able, but based on a great, gluten free graham cracker recipe.

David is focused on growing Pie In The Sky into a leading Gluten Free baking company.