Pie in The Sky Bakery was founded in 2010 in Boulder, CO by David Segal, a trained chef and experienced entrepreneur. 

David gave up gluten in 2006 and found there were just a handful of things he really missed. As a born-and-raised Floridian (Miami to be exact), what David missed most was real Key Lime Pie. 

Being a baker, David began experimenting until he hit upon the perfect combination of authentic ingredients (real Key Lime juice was the ticket).  The result, a tart yet sweet, creamy confection offset by a delicious gluten-free crust that everyone loves.  This is definitely not just for those who don’t eat “regular” baked goods.

A few months late, along came the Cheesecake challenge.  Again David set the bar high. The result is a group of rich and delicious cheesecakes that hold their own against any in the category.

Along with a few dedicated team members, including production manager and executive chef, Tyffany Price, the company is expanding rapidly.  

Our products are winning loyal customers in stores throughout Colorado’s front range.  Buyers in Whole Foods, Safeway, King Soopers and more are trying and buying.  And loving.  For a full list, please click here.

 David Segal

David Segal